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The Big Summer

Brighton Road Baptist Church (BRBC) are running a number of events during the summer with activities for all ages. Events include:

  • Sportsweek
  • Playing Out
  • Holiday at Home
  • and many more 
The calendar of events is shown below. Some events have more detail available. Just click on the event name when it is shown in bold blue for more details.
Monday 21st August 10:00am
Coffee, Cake & Company - Big Summer
Tuesday 22nd August 10:00am
Skate Park
An open (supervised) session for anyone aged 10 and over using a variety of ramps and jumps that will be set up in the car park grounds. Bring your ride – scooters, BMX, in-lines or boards, but don’t forget your helmets!
Friday 25th August 2:00pm
Starting at BRBC
Horsham Town Trail – a walk around Horsham with quiz questions along the route. Prizes for those getting most right!