This contemporary feature window by Jane Campbell F.M.G.P. depicts a strong symbolic Christian message to the congregation and viewers both inside and outside the church. 

The window shows the Crown of Thorns at the bottom of the window in the rich purple and mauves of Christ's sovereignty giving the sharpness and pain of the Crucifixion. The uprising golden and amber colours show the power and love of God and the Ascension. The thorns bridge across the River of Baptism to the love of God. This image symbolises baptism, the turning away from the past and looking and moving towards God, only made possible through the crucifixion and forgiveness of sins.

On the outside of the window is the biblical text selected by the Church - Jesus said, 'I am the Light of the World.' - spanning the world globe. As well as the Church being involved with the local community in Horsham in many different ways, the image highlights the importance of the Church's continual Christian outreach and its active mission work across Europe, Africa and the other continents.

Below are some photographs of its installation.
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