Reality Check

Our vision for BRBC is that we are called to be part of God’s family, where anyone and everyone is made welcome, and we are all equipped to live our lives for Jesus with a shared sense of unity and purpose. Of course, words on a page are one thing; living them out and putting them into practice is quite another.
So let me ask you some questions based around this vision. Do you see yourself as part of God’s family at Brighton Road? Good families keep in touch with each other and are there for each other: who do you connect with and support at Brighton Road? Who have you welcomed or introduced to the church in recent weeks? What does it mean for you to live for Jesus Monday to Friday, and how does BRBC support you in doing that? What is the point of Brighton Road, and what does belonging to the church mean to you?
The clearest expression of belonging and commitment to a Baptist Church is church membership. According to our Governing Document, the responsibilities of church membership normally include seven things: (1) attending worship and participating in Church Activities, (2) personal prayer and Bible study, (3) participation at the Communion of the Lord’s Supper as a privilege and a priority, (4) helping the Church whenever possible by using gifts and abilities to advance the Purpose of the church through its Activities, (5) attending and participating in Church Members’ Meetings, (6) giving regular financial support to the Church in proportion to personal resources and circumstances and (7) upholding Christian values. So, if you are a member at Brighton Road, let me ask you: how much does your involvement at Brighton Road match this profile of church members’ responsibilities? Does anything need to change? And if you are not a member, and there is a close fit between your involvement at Brighton Road and what you have just read, why not join the church as a member and play your part in shouldering the responsibility we all share for the work and witness of the fellowship? We would warmly welcome your participation.
These are just more words on a page, of course. But we worship Jesus, the Word made flesh, the living manifestation of God, the one who lodges God’s word in our hearts so that who we are in Christ is expressed in how we live each day. And Brighton Road is part of that equation, inasmuch as living for Christ is something we are called to do together.
Those who travel by rail may be familiar with the announcement, ‘This train is now ready to depart. Please stand clear of the closing doors.’ As we prepare to move forwards into the future at Brighton Road, are you on board?

Tim Carter