Our Beliefs

We believe that the community of Brighton Road Baptist Church are striving to be:

A Worshipping Church

We believe that the highest activity in which we are called to be engaged is the worship of Almighty God. We believe that our corporate worship on Sundays is of paramount importance and that God deserves the best that we can offer. We believe that worship should be a joyful, exhilarating experience in which we are participants and not merely spectators; and that we must come prepared to meet our God. We believe that He is present in our midst, and we expect Him to challenge, comfort, encourage, forgive, heal and bless us according to our need.

A Loving Church

We believe that the Church is intended by God to be a loving family in which every member of the congregation, young or old, feels welcome, wanted, accepted and loved. We believe that 'fellowship' is more than mere friendship or comradeship, and that it is essentially sharing the joy of our common life in Christ. We believe that to 'bear one another's burdens' is to fulfil the law of Christ and that this can be costly, demanding and time consuming. We need each other and are responsible for each other.

A Gifted Church

We believe that the Church, as the Body of Christ, is called to continue the mission and ministry of Jesus. We believe that the Holy Spirit gives to every one of us certain gifts and abilities to enable us to play our part in the total body. We believe that everyone should be encouraged to discover, develop and use his or her gifts for the benefit of all, for everyone has a place to fill, a task to perform and a ministry to exercise. When every person is using his or her gifts in a spirit of loving co-operation then the Church can function as it should.

A Growing Church

We believe that God intends that His Church should grow; a healthy, living body is characterised by movement and growth. God intends that the Church should grow both in numbers (among all age groups) and in spiritual depth and maturity. We therefore expect to see people being brought to faith in Jesus Christ and added to His Church; we also expect to see one another making progress in our personal walk with Him.

A Witnessing Church

We believe that without the light of Christ, men and women live and die in spiritual darkness. We believe that every Christian is called to share his or her faith with others and bring to them the good news of the love and salvation of Jesus, and that some Christians among us have been given the specific gift of evangelism - leading others to Christ. We believe that those with this gift should be trained and encouraged to use it, and that as a Church we should be continually seeking ways and means of making Christ known both in our town and throughout the world. Home and overseas missions should be high on our agenda.

A Caring Church

We believe that part of our calling in Christ is a genuine concern for others and a willingness to serve the needs of the community in which we live. We believe that God expects us to be regularly discovering specific areas of need within our town and, with His guidance and help, ministering to them.

A Praying Church

We believe that prayer should be central to the life of the Church. We believe that revival and renewal of our faith can only come in answer to serious and believing prayer. We believe that Christians should develop their own personal devotional life, and that they also need to meet together regularly to pray for one another and the specific needs of the Church and the World. We believe that nothing of any significance can be achieved if this aspect of our life together is neglected.
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