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Soundwaves Radio is the broadcasting team of BRBC.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to tell people that God loves them and wants to be their friend and Saviour. We aim to do this by working in conjunction with radio stations around the world, producing radio programmes of varying formats that fit in with the style of that station, so that people can hear of God's love in the non-threatening environment and comfort of their own homes.
Programmes   Programmes vary from 30 second 'Thoughts for the Day', through 15 minute music and chat programmes to longer programmes celebrating the major Christian festivals of Easter, Harvest and Christmas.



We work with any radio station that will take our programmes, secular, commercial or Christian. To date over 400 programmes have been produced and stations on four continents have taken our programmes, from the north of Scotland to New Zealand in the south.  All programmes are supplied free of charge.


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