Being Church when we can't meet at church

Whilst we are unable to meet together in our church building, we want to continue to offer spiritual support  through the work of church.

We will be recording a brief weekly service of worship that you can view below or via Facebook or on our YouTube channel.  We would encourage everyone to ‘tune in’ at 10.30 on Sunday morning or 6.30 on Sunday evening, so that we still get a sense of being part of a worshipping community, even if we are in our own homes. 

If you know of anyone who is anyone is not able to access the services on-line, please let us know and we'll add them to our list to deliver an audio CD or they can listen to the service over the phone for the cost of a local call by dialling 01403 288326. 

There are a number of other ways in which we are trying to ensure everyone stays connected.

We will continue to email a slimmed down version of the weekly bulletin to those who have signed up to receive it.  The most recent version is here and if you wish to receive this by e-mail but have not yet signed up to,  church members can sign up here, or contact us to ask to be added to the distribution list.

Prayer Diary

Our monthly Prayer Diary provides  suggestions for daily prayer enabling us all to be praying together even  when apart.
The latest prayer diary is available here and members can sign up to receive the diary via e-mail or contact us to be added to the distribution list. 

Mission Lines

Mission Lines provides news of those we support working abroad so that we can support them more effectively in prayer.
The most recent version is here and members can sign up to receive a copy via e-mail or contact us to be added to the distribution list.  

Material for families and children

A number of organisations are providing material online that is suitable for families and children learning together.
We've provided links to some of these here, as well a number of Bible stories from Saddleback Kids. 

Weekly Update

Why not join us each Sunday for virtual coffee via zoom - either before our service at 10am or after  the service at 11.30am?
Contact the church office for the access details

Our next Prayer Meeting will be on Wednesday 12th August at 8pm via zoom. To register for the access link please contact the office.

Our online service on August 16th will include a celebration of Communion and we will be holding a Communion service at the church at 9am on the 23rd August - please contact the office to reserve a space as we will sadly have to restrict numbers to allow for social distancing.

It's been encouraging to see how people at BRBC are really supporting each other through this time. So that we can make sure that everyone who is in need of contact and support is included, please let us know, if you haven't already,  who you are contacting and supporting and if you would like support, whether it's a phone call for a chat or someone to help with shopping, please let us know.

You can still call the office on weekdays between 9.30am and 4.30pm or contact us 
and we will do our best to support anyone who needs help.

The good news is that God doesn’t do social distancing. At a time when we are all encouraged to keep each other at more than arms’ length, it is good to know that God’s presence is at our side wherever we go, whatever we do.

Message from Michael

Yielding to Shielding

As I write (on the 1st August), a period of shielding has ended for many in the UK. Many of those who were advised to restrict their social interactions are now experiencing an easing in those restrictions. However, it seems that we are not out of the woods yet, in the UK, indeed, across the world – as the threat of Covid-19 continues to press down upon us. In the face of the unsettling uncertainty and complexity that a modern-day pandemic brings, there are significant questions that arise and we may be tempted to scrabble around for answers that bring reassurance.

What should we do? Where should we go? Who should we look to? Where will our help come from?

I was recently reminded of chapter 30 in Isaiah – I suggest that you read it – and whilst you do so; have in mind our present pandemic predicament.

God brings words through His prophet Isaiah that are both comforting and disconcerting; words of promise and hope alongside words of warning, chastisement and horror. As I read these words and the description of God, it seems that I cannot quite pin down what kind of God is speaking. We have the tendency to want to make God in our own image; 'simpleising' Him, trying to box Him in, or tie Him down, rather than allow God to speak for and describe himself in all His multi-faceted and holy fullness – with the resulting challenge to our own arrogance and self-sufficiency.

To an obstinate people, God has something to say – and He does not mince His words. To a people who recognise and acknowledge their profound helplessness and need in the face of hardship and distress, God has something to say – the Holy One reminds us of the remedy.

I will not expound upon what is written in these scriptures but I encourage you to spend time conversing with the One who speaks and is heard by those willing to hear – reflect and meditate upon God’s word to you in these days. I am very thankful for the gift of the Scriptures, written and freely available for us to read day by day in our own language, and for the precious gift of prayer as we listen and voice our heart, mind and spirit.

Daily, look to and listen to Him who loves you and sent His one and only Son to die for you. Yield your life to Him. He knows what it is to suffer the restriction caused by our sinful rebellion (humanity’s greatest pandemic) – He opts for the lock-down of the crucifixion – choosing to not be able to move or leave the confine of the cross. He does this – that those who place their faith in Him might know freedom.

As the Psalmist declares: “As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.” (Psalm 18:30) As society’s shielding is withdrawn, ensure the Saviour’s shielding remains.

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On-line Services

Whether you a regular at BRBC or have found us through searching the internet you are very welcome to join us in worshipping God together.
Things may be different to the way we are used to doing them, but our Father God has not changed and he still deserves our praise so whilst we are unable to meet together face to face, we will broadcast a service on this page at 10.30am each Sunday and it will remain available here for a few days after.

You can still watch all of our previous services on our YouTube channel or, if you prefer, an audio only version is available on our podcast page.

We hope that you will join in and sing with us and we trust that you will be blessed as we honour God together, wherever we are.


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We will also seek to post reflections, readings, prayers, messages, etc.  on our Facebook page @BRBCHorsham, so please like our page and follow us there.
We want to find good ways to encourage and support one another and we welcome your interaction