The Leprosy Mission 

Following Jesus Christ, The Leprosy Mission seeks to bring about transformation; breaking the chains of leprosy and empowering people to attain healing, dignity and life in all its fullness. They work with people of all faiths and none to defeat leprosy and transform the lives of people affected.

The Leprosy Mission’s work focuses on ten countries in Africa and Asia - Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Sudan. where there are high rates of leprosy or a lack of services or the opportunities needed by people affected.

As well as supporting people living with leprosy today, they serve future generations by working to end the transmission of the disease, so that they may be born into a world free from leprosy.

They partner with governments, churches and other organisations and most importantly, they work with people affected by leprosy to achieve their vision - leprosy defeated, lives transformed.

We have had a particular link with the Anandaban Hospital in Nepal - here is the latest in their rebuilding programme

  • Phase 1 – Now completed. It was the construction of temporary buildings to maintain the hospital’s current level of service provision while the main rebuild takes place,
  • Phase 2 – Under construction. Provision of a new Trauma Centre.
  • Phase 3 – construction of new wards, redevelopment of the Training Centre and refurbishment of damaged buildings on completion of phase 2.

The new Trauma Centre spreads across three floors. It will become the main heart of the hospital and will contain the Trauma Department, Emergency Department, Maternity Department, and patient wards.
Progress so far:- Work commenced in 2019 but had to cease on March 24 2020 due to Covid lock down in Nepal. It recommenced in June but has been hindered by further short lock downs and supply problems of materials. However the main 3 storey structure has been built and internal works are in progress.

All this has been against the background of working around a fully functioning leprosy, maternity and local needs hospital with the additional responsibility of providing a full Covid19 treatment facility as required by the Nepal Government.
This has required strict protocols to protect the very vulnerable leprosy patients. All construction workers are tested negative before entering the site. Non Nepalis are not allowed into Nepal which has affected the main Project Manager from Article 25 who are the multi disciplinary professional team.
As a result of generous donations, Heal Nepal has provided training for 195 healthcare workers so that many more medical camps can take place in remote communities. 468 people have been newly diagnosed with leprosy and given medical and emotional support so that they can recover from the effects of this disease.

The team have combined leprosy and Covid-19 safety messages in radio broadcasts reaching nearly 1.5 million people. They have also distributed hygiene kits, including soap and face masks, to more than 1,000 households. Although some of our Heal Nepal work is temporarily on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions, your support is continuing to make a huge difference at Anandaban Hospital and out in communities.
To visit the Leprosy Mission website click here.