At BRBC, we feel that God is calling us to be an extended family, where everyone feels at home and experiences God’s love and acceptance in Christ, so that we are all equipped to express our faith in our daily lives.Three dimensional relationship

In response to God’s calling, we are aiming to work out our identity through the quality of our relationships with God, with each other, and with our community. Believing that these interconnected relationships are vital to our church life and growth, we are looking to grow and develop them by embracing ten specific aspirations that are at their core.

Being welcoming

We aspire to ensure that everyone feels welcome, whether this is their first visit, or they have been coming for years, so that genuine relationships can develop in partnership with Christ.

Being inclusive

We aspire to be inclusive, so that everyone regardless of age or background knows that they are a significant part of our church.

Making a difference in and beyond our local community – being salt

We aspire to encourage each other to be the person of Christ to anyone we meet and to equip Christians, both locally and globally, to express their faith in practical, life-changing ways

Sharing our faith effectively – being light

We aspire to be visible in our community by having services and activities that are attractive and welcoming to people of all ages in our locality.

Good pastoral care

We aspire to share in people’s triumphs, joys and victories, to support each other in pain, loss and anxiety, and to be a safe place where Jesus meets us at our point of need and empowers us to walk in newness of life.

Engaging worship

We aspire to have worship that is honouring to God - inclusive, accessible, varied, visual, audible and participatory, taking place in small groups and on Sundays.

Relevant biblical teaching

We aspire to have biblical teaching which offers practical guidance for everyday life, showing the way and unlocking the truth through the Holy Spirit, so that people are secure in God's holy word.

Using our gifts

We aspire to encourage each other to discover and use our gifts, be they great or small, in ways that show God's love in action.

Putting our faith into practice

We aspire to help members of the church body and the wider community to follow and serve Jesus in their daily lives.


We aspire to underpin everything we do with prayer – encouraging everyone to pray regularly individually, in small groups and together as a church family.