Welcome to Brighton Road Baptist Church

Jesus is Lord!
This declaration motivates everything we do. It inspires our worship; it unites us a church and gives us hope for the future of our world. When life goes wrong, Jesus has the power to turn things around. He is at the heart of our life together as a church, and he wants to be at the centre of your life as well.
Why don’t you come and join us? 
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Brighton Road is a church where everyone, no matter what their age or history, is welcome. We are committed to caring for and encouraging and supporting one another so that we can all grow in our understanding of God’s love, and to work out our faith together in our community.

We have a programme of activities aimed at all ages that are all part of being church. Some are online, some in our church building and others in our community.
online service

Each week we produce a service that is released on Sundays at 10.30am on YouTube 

You matter to God, You matter to us.
Keeping in touch.

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