Room Hire

BRBC has a number of rooms for hire within a short distance of central Horsham.  Being a modern building it has been designed with accessibility in mind. There is a lift to the first floor with toilets, including disabled toilets, on both floors.  Wheelchair access is good with a gentle ramp at the front Brighton Road entrance and level access at the rear New Street entrance.

To enquire about availability and pricing contact our Church Administrator on 01403 211150.
Main Church
Main Church capacity up to 320
Meeting Rooms
Meeting Rooms capacity up to 40
Main Hall
Main Hall capacity up to 150
Sports hall
Sports Hall capacity up to 100
Chapel capacity up to 30

Conditions of use

  • The hirer is responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to avoid accidents to people or damage to the property.
  • The Sanctuary and all adjoining rooms will not be used for any activities which shall be deemed contrary to the beliefs of Brighton Road Baptist Church. For long term bookings the Church reserve the right to postpone or find alternative rooms if the rooms hired should be needed for a church event.
  • For single events the agreed hire fee will be paid to BRBC before the event takes place.
  • The hirer shall be liable for reparation for any damage caused to the property by the hirer or member of the hirer’s group using the property.
  • Where appropriate, and especially for longer term hiring, the hirer will have a Public Liability Insurance Policy covering their activities, and will produce the Certificate of Insurance to BRBC if requested.
  • The hirer will leave all rooms/sanctuary that they have used in a clean and tidy condition, including kitchens and toilet (adult, children and disabled) facilities.
  • For any activity that involves children the organisers and their staff must each hold a relevant police Certificate and will produce the DBS Certificates if requested by BRBC.
  • The hirer will ensure that young children are adequately supervised and not allowed to access any area other than that which is hired for their purposes. In particular, children under 12 years of age may not use the lift unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Any problems that may be found on arrival should be reported to the church office.  Any spillages or breakages should also be reported to the office before leaving the premises. No food/drinks may be consumed on the premises, with the exception of the Main Hall next to the Kitchen and the Street at the tables provided. Bottled water may be consumed in the Rugged Hall on the first floor.
  • The hirer will sign in the Register on arrival, and again on departure, noting the purpose for hiring the premises and the number of people who will be using premises.  This is required in case of a need to evacuate the building.
  • It is the church policy that no alcohol may be consumed on the premises.
  • BRBC is a Fair Trade church and, when providing your own tea, coffee and food, we would encourage you to purchase Fair Trade products. Should you choose not to, we require that non-Fair Trade products are stored out of sight while not being used.