IMG8315Here at Brighton Road Baptist Church, you will always be welcome.  Just because we can't meet together in person at the moment doesn't mean that we've stopped worshipping together - we've just moved things on-line.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never been to church before or have been going all your life and want to try something different. No one cares how you're dressed, (even less in the on-line world) what you believe (or don’t believe), whether you’re over 60 or under 6 – we love children of all ages! You are welcome to join us if you’re searching or just browsing.

Whatever your circumstances BRBC is a safe place to discover God's love.

We are an extended family made of all ages and a variety of backgrounds. We are single, married, divorced, widowed, happy, sad, confused, motivated, those with time on their hands and those with no time at all. The one thing we have in common is that we want to know more about God.

We readily admit that we're a church full of imperfect people with both tearful and uplifting stories and want you to know that there’s plenty of room for you - in fact  space is unlimited!