Sunday Worship

9.30 & 11am            Main Church

Sunday services (Feature)

We gather to worship God, who welcomes everyone into his extended family, where in relationships of love and trust we can discover our true identity in Christ and be equipped by the Holy Spirit for lives of service in our community.

As we start worshipping together after months of lockdown, a key verse for us from scripture is Zechariah 8:14. With this is mind, we are structuring our services so that on most Sundays, families worship and learn about Jesus together, rather than children going into separate groups which can end up insulating them from a sense of belonging to the wider church family.

Starting this coming Sunday 5th Sept, a new series: 

Imaging a Better Future…            

It’s time for God to reinvigorate his people 

Mobilising the church 

This is about: 

  • Inviting people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • Supporting growth and transformation in the lives of individuals and groups 
  • Practically loving and serving our community 
  • Caring for creation 
  • Changing harmful beliefs, values and social norms 
  • Supporting vulnerable and oppressed people 

Currently we are running two morning services! This doubles our capacity, as well as providing two styles of worship which will engage people at different levels.

9.30am    -    ‘Foundations for Faith'    -    Digging deep to understand, interpret and apply God’s word to our lives, and responding to what we learn in worship. 

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11.00am     -   ‘Building Faith’/Family Worship    -    Coming together as the whole church family for creative, interactive, intergenerational Bible teaching and worship. 

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Although we are back onsite, booking will be required, as a limited number of places are available. This is to ensure we can seat people in a socially distanced manner, adherent to the government's COVID regulations. We thank you for your understanding.

Our Family Communion services are on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am, and the 3rd Sunday of the month at 9.30am. Individual wafers and communion glasses of grape juice are provided to minimize any risk of catching or passing on the virus when we celebrate Communion.

You can enter the church through both the New Street and Brighton Road entrances.

We hope to see you soon!