Sunday Worship

10.30am            Main Church

Sunday services (Feature)

We gather to worship God, who welcomes everyone into his extended family, where in relationships of love and trust we can discover our true identity in Christ and be equipped by the Holy Spirit for lives of service in our community.

During the service, children will be invited to go to the Sports Hall and participate in BRBK, our answer to Sunday School. For one service a month, the whole church family will be all together in the Sanctuary for an Intergenerational Worship Service.
Our Communion services are on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Individual wafers and communion glasses of grape juice are provided to minimize any risk of catching or passing on the virus when we celebrate Communion.

Our current series:

Encounters with Jesus

It is no longer a mandatory requirement to wear a mask in church.  However, the balcony is reserved for those who wish to wear a mask and not to sit with others who are not doing so.  Those sitting downstairs are free to make their own choice as to whether or not to wear a mask.

You can enter the church through both the New Street and Brighton Road entrances.

We hope to see you soon!