A Christian television station based in the Middle East and reaching the people of the Middle East and North Africa. It broadcasts in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi and seeks to make the Gospel, the local church and people’s rights and freedoms visible to those they serve.

2020 was a record year of interactions between our viewers and audience support teams especially for our SAT-7 Kids channel that saw a 90% increase and audience engagement for SAT-7 ACADEMY our educational programmes soared by 328% ! 

A mother from Syria recently contacted them recently to say:
“I saw the love, mercy, and forgiveness in the Christian community, although I only ever met two Christians in my life. I met a minister five years ago, who teaches the Bible in a church. He is from the USA. I started listening to his teachings, and he started sending me verses from the Bible to read. My life changed and they created in me a curiosity to know God more and get closer to Him…I’m now pregnant with a baby girl. My dream is that from childhood she would know how beautiful and big God is. I saw these beautiful values in you on SAT-7, how you love each other and pray for each other. This channel was a door of light to me. Seeing how kids talk... I haven’t seen these values in my community.”

Prayer Points #2 Summer 2022:
Isolated Believers in Iran and the Persian Region

Thank you so much for partnering with SAT-7s ministry to Isolated Believers in Iran and the Persian Region. Your partnership brings joy, shows love and strengthens faith for millions of viewers across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through faith-filled television and digital media.

  1. Afghanistan: As the Taliban’s take-over’s 1st anniversary passes, please remember the plight of Afghans and keep praying for God’s purposes for them to be fulfilled and for the Afghan Church to grow and thrive.
  1. The Lord to grant healing and peace to the people of Afghanistan. Pray for comfort all who have lost loved ones in the recent earthquake in southeast Afghanistan and for the knowledge of Christ to be revealed to Afghans. Programmes on the PARS channel addressed the earthquake and many Iranian Christians have shared prayers for the Afghan people.
  1. Boldness, comfort and encouragement for persecuted Christians. A number of Iranian Christians have recently been given multiple year prison sentences for leading house churches. Membership of Evangelical Churches is labelled as “action against national security”, enabling the court to deliver harsh sentences.
  1. Freedom from the endemic drug addiction in the region. Pray for the many desperate people suffering, for them to find freedom in Christ and for programmes ministering to those struggling with addictions, such as Our Neighbourhood with (former addict) . Viewers send in requests like this from Hossein: “Please pray in the name of Jesus Christ that I will be able to quit drugs and remain 'clean'. Pray that Jesus will help me - I have faith.”
  1. More presenters for SAT-7 PARS. It is always a challenge to find Persian-speaking Christians with the right skills. Please pray for more people across Persia to come to know the Lord’s salvation and new life through SAT-7 PARS programmes.

K**** came to faith in Christ 6 months ago: “I don't know what happened, perhaps it was a miracle because God took my hand he pulled me out of the darkness.” His wife left him as a result and when his employer found out they fired him. He continued; “I'm living in hardship and I may be imprisoned, but it does not matter. I have decided to put my faith in Christ. Please pray for my difficulties and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share about my situation.”
Thank you for praying with us.