eco church‘Then God said “let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over the earth, and over the creatures that move along the ground”’ Genesis 1 v26
Eco Service
Care for creation has been a fundamental part of God’s plan for us, right from the start, and at Brighton Road Baptist Church we have demonstrated our commitment to care for the environment by joining the Eco Church accreditation. This accreditation scheme run by A Rocha UK, a Christian charity that engages communities in nature conservation, recognises churches that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and helping others to understand and achieve it.

At Brighton Road Baptist Church we have successfully achieved the Eco Church Silver Award, and are currently examining how we can further sustainability as a church and a community with a commitment to improvement. As part of this, we are keen to help you understand how our lives affect the environment and ways in which we can make our lives more sustainable in God’s world. 

We are also part of the network of Horsham Eco Churches - sharing ideas, encouraging and inspiring other churches on their eco journey. For the latest newsletter click here.

The following link enables you to consider your own carbon consumption, and provides ideas to help plan to reduce your carbon footprint -

Carbon Footprint Monitor

If you would like to pledge your support to tackle climate change and contribute towards a healthier planet please download our New Year's Resolution suggestion. We have pledges aimed at both adults and younger people.

Local Environmental organisations

Co-Wheels Car Club
Kinder Living
Sussex Greener Living
Transition Horsham 
Horsham Matters
Horsham Repair Cafe
South East Climate Alliance

National Christian Environmental Campaigning Organisations

A Rocha UK
Christian Aid, Climate Change Campaign
Baptist Union Environment Network

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The most recent Eco Church Notices Can be found here.