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Lead me, Lord,
to recognise you
in the person beside me.
Excerpts from the Prayer Diary:
  • Pray for the team leading BRBK and for the children who will be taking part. Pray too for continued guidance concerning providing opportunities for our children to worship and learn from God’s word on a Sunday morning once the new academic year begins.
  • Pray for Michael and Sandra and family as they take annual leave during the middle of the month. Pray that they will have an enjoyable time and that they will get enough rest and relaxation to enable them to restore their energy levels.
  • Pray for those who will receive important exam results in August and may need to make decisions about their future on the basis of the results. Pray particularly for guidance for those who wish to or need to change their plans following the results, especially for any who will face disappointment.
  • Praise God that Cally and a friend were not injured in what could have been a very serious car accident and pray they will not have lasting effects from their traumatic experience. Praise God that funds have come in for sessions in the new youth prison to begin this month. Pray that they will go well and also the new sessions in the original location.
  • Give thanks for Abraham and Kamala's trip to South and West Nepal visiting schools, taking gifts of uniforms, stationary and dustbins as they shared the good news of Jesus. They listened to how God is at work in churches and amongst pastors and youth fellowships. Pray for a coming trip to South West Nepal for a baptismal service, showing the Jesus film and outreach to an untouched tribal group.
  • Pray for our young people now home for the holidays. Pray that they will be refreshed through the various activities they will engage in and that they will be encouraged to continue maturing as Christians.
  • Pray for daily strength for our NHS workers as they continue to face busy and challenging times. Pray that there will continue to be sufficient doctors and nurses in our town to meet the needs of its people.
  • Pray for those who will be leading and speaking at the service this morning and that all who participate, whether in church or on-line, will be able to worship God and learn from His word.
If you have a prayer request for the September 2022 prayer diary, please email it to mary.breeze44@gmail by 24th August.
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